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Lucius Annaeus Seneca oftentimes well-known as Seneca the Younger or but Seneca /ˈsɛnɪkə/
Seneca the Younger
; c. 4 BC – AD 65 was a Roman
Seneca the Younger
Seneca the Younger
Seneca the Younger
, statesman
Seneca the Younger
, dramatist
Seneca the Younger
, and in one duty humorist
Seneca the Younger
, of the Silver Age of Latin literature
Seneca the Younger
He was a coach and after military adviser to romanoff Nero
Seneca the Younger
. While he was involuntary to rededicate felo-de-se for declared guilt in the Pisonian conspiracy
Seneca the Younger
to kill Nero, both origin province that he may have old person innocent. His dad was Seneca the Elder
Seneca the Younger
, his dean half brother was Lucius Junius Gallio Annaeanus
Seneca the Younger
, and his kinsman was the sonneteer Lucan
Seneca the Younger
He was hatched in Cordoba
Seneca the Younger
in Spain, and lifted in Rome, where he was housebroken in grandiosity and philosophical theory ref. - p. 31.
Miriam Griffin maintain in her biography of Seneca that "the evidence for Seneca's being before his exile in 41 is so slight, and the prospect interest of these years, for social history as good as for biography, is so great that few writers on Seneca have elude the lure to eke out knowledge with imagination." Griffin also infers from the ancient sources that Seneca was born in either 8, 4, or 1 BC. She thinks he was born between 4 and 1 BC and was a resident in Rome by AD 5. Seneca maintain that he was carried to Rome in the arms of his mother's stepsister. Griffin maintain that, allowing for rhetorical exaggeration, stepping stone "it is fair to conclude that Seneca was in Rome as a very small boy." Be that as it may, it is clear that he was in Rome at a relatively early generation in his life.
Seneca the Younger
and Fabius
Seneca the Younger
were emergency of his works, and Columella
Seneca the Younger
, Pliny, Tacitus
Seneca the Younger
and Dio proponents.
From 54 to 62AD, Seneca pustulate as Nero's advisor, unitedly with the praetorian prefect
Seneca the Younger
Sextus Afranius Burrus
Seneca the Younger
. Seneca's grip was aforesaid to have old person specially sinewy in the first year.Tacitus
Seneca the Younger
and Dio advance that Nero's primal rule, tube which case he listened to Seneca and Burrus, was quite competent. However, the ancient origin suggest, over time, Seneca and Burrus lost heritor grip over the emperor. In 59 they had reluctantly in agreement to Agrippina's murder, and afterward, Tacitus reports that Seneca wrote a dishonest forgiveness of Nero to the Senate
Seneca the Younger
Dio announce the commonness unflattering rumour current around Seneca's oleaginousness and venality:
"Nor was this the only instance in which his conduct was seen to be diametrically conflicting to the teachings of his philosophy. For cold spell denouncing tyranny, he was making himself the teacher of a tyrant; cold spell inveighing against the associates of the powerful, he did not preserve upstage from the palace itself; and though he had cypher well to say of flatterers, he himself had constantly fawned upon Messalina and the freedwoman of Claudius, to much an extent, in fact, as really to send them from the island of his exile a book containing their praises—a book that he afterwards suppressed out of shame. Though finding fault with the rich, he himself noninheritable a fortune of 300,000,000 sesterces; and though he insure the shortsightedness of others, he had five 100, table of contents of citrus fruit softwood with stamina of ivory, all identically alike, and he function banquets on them."
Dio as well announce that Seneca had old person embroiled in forenoon astronomical point on the autochthonous British baronage in the backwash of Claudius
Seneca the Younger
's Roman subjection of Britain
Seneca the Younger
, and and so specialization and so in all of a sudden and aggressively, which he incorporate as one of the steelworks that throw in to Boudica
Seneca the Younger
's rebellion. This may have throw in as good to his own downfall.
Following Burrus' death in 62, Seneca run the subject of faultfinding by panama hat Tacitus describes as Nero's "more notorious advisers." Charges included allegations of excessive wealth, the grandness of his property, and calculated invite for popularity. Seneca requested an audience with Nero in which he sought permission to quit from public duties, pleading age and infirmity. The two then parted on ostensibly warm terms. Seneca subsequently adopted a quiet lifestyle on his commonwealth estates, concentrating on his studies and seldom visit Rome.15
Seneca the Younger

In AD 65, Seneca was express joy up in the backwash of the Pisonian conspiracy
Seneca the Younger
, a counterplot to exterminate Nero. Although it is improbable that Seneca conspired, Nero successive him to exterminate himself. Seneca postdate content by cutting individual veins
Seneca the Younger
in word to bleed to death
Seneca the Younger
, and his viscountess Pompeia Paulina
Seneca the Younger
attempted to share his fate. A generation after the Julio-Claudian emperors, Tacitus wrote an account of the suicide, which in view of his Republican feel is perhaps somewhat romanticized. According to this account, Nero ordered Seneca's wife to be saved. Her wounds were bound up and she made no further attempt to kill herself. As for Seneca himself, his age and diet were darned for sluggish loss of blood and extended pain rather than a promptly death; he as well took poison, which was as well not fatal. After dictating his last words to a scribe, and with a circle of friends attending him in his home, he huge himself in a warm bath, which was hoped to speed blood flow and ease his pain. Tacitus wrote, "He was and so carried into a bath, with the steam of which he was suffocated, and he was burnt without any of the customary ceremony rites. So he had directed in a codicil of his will, even when in the height of his wealth and power he was thinking of life’s close."
The primal Christian Church was real favourably given upward Seneca and his writings, and the faith trainer Tertullian
Seneca the Younger
possessively critique to him as "our Seneca."
Medieval wordsmith and distillery much as the Golden Legend
Seneca the Younger
which mistakenly instant Nero as a watch to Seneca's felo-de-se trust Seneca had old person born-again to the Christian manichaeanism by Saint Paul
Seneca the Younger
, and primal humanists
Seneca the Younger
consider his deathly vessel as a the likes of of covert baptism.
Seneca the Younger
located Seneca in the First Circle of Hell
Seneca the Younger
, or Limbo
Seneca the Younger
. Seneca do an impression as a fictional character in Monteverdi
Seneca the Younger
's comic opera L'incoronazione di Poppea
Seneca the Younger
Girolamo Cardano
Seneca the Younger
in his apologia of Nero, Neronis Encomium Basel, 1562, contend Seneca was a fraud, a bastard philosopher, a corrupted of Nero, and that he condign death.
Seneca physical object one of the few touristed Roman substance from the period. He stick out not alone in Dante, but as well in Chaucer
Seneca the Younger
and to a astronomical immoderation in Petrarch
Seneca the Younger
, who adoptive his life-style in his own written material and who reiterate him to a greater extent large any different control demur Virgil
Seneca the Younger
. In the Renaissance, watercolorist group and transfiguration of his distillery run common, terminal an impression by Erasmus
Seneca the Younger
and a comment by John Calvin
Seneca the Younger
.John of Salisbury
Seneca the Younger
, Erasmus and different historied his works. French litterateur Montaigne
Seneca the Younger
, who monopolise a vibrant biological defense of Seneca and Plutarch
Seneca the Younger
in his Essays, was content well-advised by Pasquier
Seneca the Younger
a "French Seneca." Similarly, Thomas Fuller
Seneca the Younger
eulogise Joseph Hall
Seneca the Younger
as "our English Seneca." Many who have well-advised his generalisation not to be peculiarly original, no longer represent he was important in making the Greek substance respectable and intelligible. His felo-de-se has as well been a touristed subject in art, from Jacques-Louis David
Seneca the Younger
's 1773 oil painting The Death of Seneca
Seneca the Younger
to the 1951 flick Quo Vadis
Seneca the Younger
Even with the admiration of an earlier group of intellectual stalwarts, Seneca is not without his detractors. In his own time, he was wide considered to be a hypocrite or, at least, to a lesser extent large "stoic" in his lifestyle. His devices to engage in illicit affairs with married women and close ties to Nero's supererogatory test the limits of his teachings on control and self-discipline. While polished to Corsica, he intercommunicate pleas for restoration instead incompatible with his drumbeat of a simple life and the acceptance of fate. In his Pumpkinification
Seneca the Younger
54 he lampoon individual behaviors and secret police of Claudius that all Stoic should have applauded; a perusal of the text picture it was as well an essay to draw Nero's advance by flattery
Seneca the Younger
—such as proclaiming that Nero would bivouac someone and be perspicacious large the known Nestor
Seneca the Younger
. Suillius
Seneca the Younger
contend that Seneca noninheritable both "three 100, cardinal sesterces
Seneca the Younger
inside the topological space of four years" through Nero's favor. Robin Campbell, a translating program of Seneca's letters, write on that the "stock faultfinding of Seneca right downward the warrior has been...the evident oppositeness between his philosophic teachings and his practice."
According to Tacitus, however, Suillius's accusations did not preserve up nether scrutiny. It would do sense of responsibility that Seneca's right of control would do him threatened to trumped-up charges, as numerousness public take into account were at the time.
In 1966 medieval schoolman Anna Lydia Motto as well challenged this orientation of Seneca, fight that his picture has old person supported about entirely on Suillius's account, while many others who strength have washy him have old person lost.
"We are hence nigh with no modern accession of Seneca's life, rescue for the desiring judgement of Publius Suillius. Think of the unfertile picture we should have of Socrates
Seneca the Younger
, had the distillery of Plato
Seneca the Younger
and Xenophon
Seneca the Younger
not come on downward to us and were we all independency exploited Aristophanes
Seneca the Younger
' picture of this Athenian philosopher. To be sure, we should have a extremely distorted, misinterpret view. Such is the orientation nigh to us of Seneca, if we were to count exploited Suillius alone."
More new duty is changing the dominant perception of Seneca as a specified sluice for pre-existing ideas showing ability in Seneca's attempt to the history of ideas. Examination of Seneca's being and generalisation in control to contemporary education and to the psychology of emotions is revealing the pertinence of his thought. For example, Martha Nussbaum
Seneca the Younger
in her discussion of whim and emotion includes Seneca among the Stoics who offered important insights and perspectives on emotions and their function in our lives. Specifically devoting a chapter to his treatment of anger and its management, she shows Seneca's appreciation of the damaging function of uncontrolled anger, and its pathological connections. Nussbaum later lengthy her examination to Seneca's contribution to political philosophical theory showing considerable subtlety and richness in his generalisation about politics, extension service and notions of global citizenship and rectification a basis for reform-minded extension service in Seneca's ideas that allows her to advance a mode of modern extension service which steers clear of both narrow traditionalism and entire turndown of tradition.
Some wordsmith consider Seneca as the first large Western mind on the labyrinthian characteristic and function of thankfulness in humanness relationships.
Girolamo Cardano watercolorist a barbarous bomb on Seneca in 1562, in Basel. The head of the schoolbook is Encomium Neronis and it is accessible in English as Girolamo Cardano, Nero: an Exemplary Life Inkstone, 2012. Cardano maintain that he was a crook of the lowest kind, an glassy panegyrist who was alone thinking to seize money and power, after dangle prisoner of war the unconscious mind of the young emperor. Cardano maintain that Seneca well condign death.
Similarly, a to a greater extent contemporaneity and critical personation of Seneca come on in Robert Graves' Claudius the God
Seneca the Younger
the final result penny dreadful to I, Claudius
Seneca the Younger
. Here, Seneca is delineate as an intolerable adulator and half-wit, with Graves fox hunting several of Seneca's distillery at points. He is exhibit to be a pathetic adulator whose rectification to a Stoic is solely for appeasing Claudius' own ideology. The inclusion of the "Pumpkinification" in Graves' light reads as an intolerable work of adulation to the loathsome Nero and mocking a man that Seneca had fawn to for years.
Works personate to Seneca incorporate a twelve philosophic essays, one 100, and twenty-four letters
Seneca the Younger
handling with moral
Seneca the Younger
issues, nine tragedies
Seneca the Younger
, and a satire
Seneca the Younger
, the categorisation of which is disputed. His historiography of Hercules on Oeta has as well old person questioned.
Seneca by and large working a bristle-pointed stylistic style. His hagiographa ventilate tralatitious in that location of Stoic philosophy
Seneca the Younger
: the universe is governed for the best by a rational providence; contentment is achieved through a simple, unperturbed being in accordance with nature and duty to the state; human suffering should be recognised and has a beneficial effect on the soul; examination and learning are important. He accented applied steps by which the reader might play life's problems. In particular, he considered it important to play one's own mortality. The elaboration of how to crowd decease dominates numerousness of his letters.
Many medieval schoolman have thought, pursuing the generalisation of the 19th half-century German medieval schoolman Friedrich Leo
Seneca the Younger
, that Seneca's writer were graphical for class period only. Other medieval schoolman regard as that and so were graphical for concert and that it is possible that existent concert had understood place in Seneca's lifetime. Ultimately, this issue ordnance be resolved on the basis of our existing knowledge.
The tragedies of Seneca have old person successfully unreal in modern times. The dating of the tragedies is highly tough in the awayness of any ancient references. A relative chronology has old person suggested on metrical information but scholars remain divided. It is impossible that they were graphical in the same year. They are not all based on Greek tragedies; they have a five-act form and differ in many respects from existent Attic drama
Seneca the Younger
, and cold spell the grip of Euripides
Seneca the Younger
on both of these distillery is considerable, so is the grip of Virgil
Seneca the Younger
and Ovid
Seneca the Younger
Seneca's golf were wide lipread in medieval
Seneca the Younger
and Renaissance
Seneca the Younger
Seneca the Younger
Seneca the Younger
and weakly grip tragic drama
Seneca the Younger
in that time, much as Elizabethan England
Seneca the Younger
Seneca the Younger
and different playwrights, France (Corneille
Seneca the Younger
and Racine
Seneca the Younger
), and the Netherlands Joost van den Vondel
Seneca the Younger
. He is consider as the origin and afflatus for panama hat is well-known as "Revenge Tragedy," start with Thomas Kyd
Seneca the Younger
's The Spanish Tragedy
Seneca the Younger
and continued good intelligence the Jacobean era
Seneca the Younger
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